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​Jed grew up in Sydney's North-West, and started writing songs when he was fourteen. The years that followed saw him engage more with the home recording technology that he thought would provide artists with more freedom in the future.


By the turn of the century Jed had explored the limits of his home recording suite, experimenting with house, trance and punk, before moving to the folk-blues style which would become a focal point over the years to follow.


When Jed moved to Sydney's Inner-West, he fell in easily with the area's declining live music scene. This marked the beginning of an increased output and a focus on live performance. He soon took on a more active role in encouraging the growth of the local scene, organising gigs in between tending bar and playing his own shows.


Unfortunately, after four years, the stress and exhaustion took its toll, and Jed withdrew indefinitely from the live music scene, deciding instead to return to his passion for audio engineering and recording technology. Now, returning to the material of his time in the Inner-West, Jed has collected together six of the most iconic songs of that time on The Lost Years EP.


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